When perusing through the list of online casino games, you would expect to find slots and table games since these are the games that are mostly associated with casinos. There are, however, a whole other category of games that you would not expect to find in casinos leave alone wagering on. The games being referred to here are the arcade games. It is common to find arcade games online but most of these games are only available on free play. The same case applies to players that would like to gamble but would prefer not to play slots or table games since they are mostly games of chance. This is where arcade games in casinos come in. Casinos saw the niche created where players would wager on arcade games hence made it possible.

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History Of Arcade Games

The first ever arcade game to be created was the Bouncing Ball video game in the year 1950. Fast forward two decades later and we arrive at the golden era of arcade games. This is when players started paying for arcade games and the first ever coin-operated game was called Galaxy Game. Two months later, Computer Space was released and it was the first ever mass produced mass arcade game. 1980 saw the release of one of the most popular arcade games ever – PacMan. The internet era then came with quite a number of opportunities especially for online casinos where they decided to offer arcade games casino online. This enabled players to bet while playing their favourite arcade games.

  • 5 Roll
  • Carniball
  • Circuit-smash
  • Big Brother
  • Freezing Fuzzballs

About Live Arcade Games

Some of the online casinos out there allow you to play live and place bets on your favourite arcade games. On top of that, you can be eligible for an arcade games bonus if you sign up at the casino or trigger bonus rounds that are offered by the games. you can place live bets on games that are as trivial as bowling and horse racing. Some of these casinos, especially the ones powered by Playtech, have the option of downloading the live software on your desktop, laptop or even mobile devices depending on the operating system.

How To Play Online Arcade Games

There are quite a number of arcade game variations and each one requires a different method of play. You can play arcade games online arcade games that are based on a board where you are required to walk around a bonus board in the hopes of collecting cash prizes. There are dart based arcade games where you are required to throw darts with the hopes of hitting winning combinations. There are arcade games which feature racing greyhounds or even horses racing and you are required to bet on the animal that you think will win. There are numerous ways to play arcade games depending on the base game.

Advantages Of Arcade Games

The main advantage of arcade games is that they do not require any skill to play. They also do not require any prior knowledge of the game since they have precise and clear instructions on how to play. Some games, however, require online arcade games strategy in order to better the AI or software. A good example is Freezing Fuzzballs. Another advantage of arcade games is that you can access them without having to wager real money since most of the games were made so as to be played for free. Last but not least, arcade games are tailored to fit every player’s liking and preference thanks to their vastness in terms of numbers and gameplay.

Online Casinos That Provide Arcade Games

Quite a number of online casinos offer arcade games as one of the categories of their gaming selection. They do this in order to attract even more players on top of the ones that have already signed up but prefer to play slots and table games. One of the prominent software providers that develop these types of games is Playtech. You can find the games in all the casinos that have Playtech on their list of software providers. Some of these casinos include the likes of bet 365 Casino, LeoVegas Casino, Power Spins Casino, Slots Heaven Casino, William Hill Casino Club, Paddy Power Casino, Casino Las Vegas and last but not least Mansion Casino.

How To Win On Arcade Games?

As mentioned above, arcade games do not really require any prior knowledge or skill in order to win and make some money. There are reviews that offer tips for Arcade games that you could use to make the most out of your gameplay. Some of these tips include having a proper hand to eye coordination since this is paramount in helping you optimise your gameplay. Having good hardware such as a mouse or keyboard will also help reduce lag and your actions on these devices will be reflected immediately on the screen.

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Strategy And Tips

When it comes to strategy and tips, different arcade games can be cracked with different strategies and tips. Since arcade games odds vary from game to game, you can employ different strategies such as noting the horse or greyhound that wins most of the races and whether there is a pattern. Also, learning the different positions that land you the bullseye or other high score parts on the dart chart could be an added advantage in playing dart based arcade games. Most arcade games usually have patterns and following them could help you determine the next move to win.

Arcade Games Developers

Games are as good as they have been developed and the top software providers create the best games in terms of graphics and sound among other things. Some of these software providers have a reputation of creating the highest payout arcade games. This comes as good news to players since they can be on the lookout for the games developed by these software providers for a chance at high payouts. Some of these software providers include the likes of Playtech, Novomatic/Novoline, NetEnt and Microgaming among others.

Should I Play Arcade Games?

You should definitely take a crack at arcade games. you do not have to know how to play the games in order to try the games since the arcade games rules differ from game to game and in most cases, they will be explained in the description of the game. In most of the games, all you have to do is click your mouse. When it comes to the payouts, some of the software developers have developed the games to give out huge payouts so it is advisable to try these games.


In a nutshell, the top arcade games casino online are definitely worth trying. You do not have to know the rules or gameplay of the games. All you need is the need for fun and a device to access the games on. most of the arcade games have been designed in 3D and they are an eye candy as well as offer immersive gameplay. The history of arcade games dates back all the way to the 1950’s and the golden era of these games was experienced between the 1970 and 1985. This was when the games exploded into the pop culture scene and took over the trend for close to two decades. All in all, arcade games are definitely worth checking out.