There are thousands of ways to enjoy a good game of Blackjack online. With so many choices, only player-preference decides what style of game is chosen by an online casino member. The latest development in online casino gaming is live-stream Blackjack rooms which feature live dealers, live betting and casino floor action direct from casinos located at various places around the world. The games are always broadcast from legal gambling centres such as Malta, Italy, Las Vegas and Latvia. The largest live-stream dealer companies are Playtech, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Extreme Live Gaming, Microgaming, and Media Live. For fully animated games, there are a wide variety of games to choose from from the world’s best online games developers although online casinos are becoming increasingly selective in their offerings to ensure quality.

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History Of Blackjack

While many credit the Romans for inventing Blackjack, the precise game of Blackjack has been played for about 300 years. In the 1700’s French casinos began to feature a game called “21” which gained heightened fame and notoriety in America during the years of prohibition and illegal gambling. players were drawn to its simple rules and social table play. This Prohibition-era of gambling also spawned the name, “BlackJack”. Over time, casinos expanded alongside technological changes and video Blackjack was pioneered. So, it wasn’t long before touchscreen Blackjack games were nearly as popular as the live-dealer version because they could be played anywhere and without dealer expertise. Nowadays, mobile gaming allows players to become members of any Blackjack casino online and play at a live-streamed game from their telephone.

  • Pioneered by the French
  • Introduced to Pop Culture by the Americans
  • Now played live, online, from anywhere in the world

About Live Blackjack

Promotions are increasing across the industry and players are getting anything from Free Spins to GBP Deposit Bonuses. Deposit bonuses can often be played as a Blackjack bonus when they come in the form of account credited cash. This means that when players ante up for their first round, they are already ahead of the dealer. From there, the games feature experienced and professional dealers and live casino action. All of the game rules apply and a player should always take at least a quick look at the game card to see what the official rules are.

How To Play Online Blackjack

Online live Blackjack has many variations which include strategic betting like “Double Down”, “Split the Pair”, “Insurance” and sometimes “Dealer Match” bets. These bets are considered part of casino Blackjack because they can increase the player’s chances and protect them if the dealer has a good hand. Here, they also prove that online Blackjack is 100% authentic and as real as any game. Players are dealt two cards which match against the dealer’s cards – closest to 21 wins. Players can take ‘hit’ cards and the dealers will always take a ‘hit’ card if their total is 16 or less.

Advantages Of Blackjack

A lot of players play what is called a ‘straight’ Blackjack strategy. That means they have studied the game and know the combinations which increase their chances at winnings mathematically. This is perfectly acceptable in any game and even encouraged in Blackjack casino gambling. That said, online Blackajck strategy may be slightly more aggressive for two reasons. First of all, players can find relatively small ante games online and can afford to gamble more heavily on particular hands. Second, every online gamer received incentives bonuses from the casino provider in the form of promotions. So, when they are playing with ‘house money’ they may occasionally ‘split’ more aggressively, push on 17 when they match the dealer, or not buy insurance when the dealer has an Ace.

Online Casinos That Provide Blackjack

As one of the world’s most popular casino games, some form of Blackjack can be found at nearly every single online casino. Unibet UK and Mansion Live Casino are very famous ones. A smart player is going to search for a casino whose game offerings match their gaming preference. If a gamer wants a themed slot game because they don’t play table games, they should consider a casino with high free spin promotions. To contrast, if a user is an avid player and understands the strategies of how to win a live game, they should consider online casino’s with live-stream tables and Deposit Matching Bonuses. Finally, if a player really likes a certain video based and/or touch-screen game, they should make sure to join a casino which features the game.

How To Win On Blackjack?

Most experts agree that the key to overall winnings at a Blackjack table is to play the exact same way the entire session. Likewise, tips for Blackjack gaming are largely mathematical. With a little research on the internet, a user can find a chart, book or more advanced information on how to play Blackjack just like professional. But, many people don’t play to become professional, they play to have fun. Those players, even though always advised to hold at 17, may hit on 17 if the dealer has an Ace. ‘Pushing 17’ is a statistical mistake, but it can be fun to win on a hand like that.

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Strategy And Tips

The true key to increasing a player’s Blackjack odds is in betting the “hit”, “double-down” and “split”. For example, if a dealer has a 7 or higher (including Ace as higher), the player should “hit” on a 13-16 card total. Plus, always “double-down” on an 11 unless the dealer shows an Ace. Also, always “split” an Ace and an 8 as well as always “split” a pair of 9’s unless the dealer shows a 7. These might seem obscure but they are mathematically proven and there is a long list of Blackjack strategy ‘rules’.

Blackjack Developers

Most live-stream blackjack games are dealt at live-tables or studio tables in Malta and Italy. Other locations such as Latvia and Las Vegas may also be found online. As far as animated games go, the highest payout Blackjack games are the VIP level games and are made by a long list of gaming developers. Usually, a casino will have an agreement with a number of different gaming companies but Net Entertainment and Micrograming are two very well known online gaming developers.

Should I Play Blackjack?

Aside from being an awesome game, this game is highly recommended because Blackjack rules are very simple. The ‘House Edge’ is just .5% meaning that the casino has a Return-to-Player percent of 99.5% for these games. If you win, the casino (“House”) pays 1.5 your bet. If you draw, House pays 1:1. If you lose, the House takes the bet. Statistically, your odds of winning a correctly played hand of Blackjack are 42.22%, tie is 8.48%, and loss 49.10%. Hence, you have a better chance of getting paid on every hand than the House has of taking your money.

Blackjack Summary

Top Blackjack casino games are considered the VIP offerings and are always live-stream dealer hands from a live casino floor area. These games come from elite dealer locations and feature well-managed tables for ease of play and user satisfaction. They also have a somewhat high required bet amount ranging up to very large tokens. In understanding that Blackjack is such a widely popular game, online casinos offer live tables to any user which can be played direct from a mobile device from just about anywhere in the world. So, players should always be sure to pick up their Deposit Bonus and hit the traditional Blackjack table for a great experience.