Playing Keno online has an almost similar experience to playing Bingo. The two games have a somewhat resembling gameplay structure, where a sequence of numbers determines a win or a loss on any bet. Players can participate in this game on their mobile devices or tablets where they wager on the listed odds after picking a maximum of 20 numbers from a total of 80. The dealer then picks a sequence randomly, and every player is supposed to check their pick to find out just how many of them match. In an online casino, there is no dealer, meaning that a Random Number Generator (RNG) does all the work instead of the old-fashioned method of picking balls numbered 1 to 80, from a ball machine.

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History of Keno

The term Keno is not an English word and history proves this by listing it as having either, French or Latin roots, while pointing out that its actual origin may be ancient China. Historians have categorically stated that gambling was illegal in ancient China, something close to what it is, in these modern times. The twist in the narrative is that the supreme ruler at the time saw an economic gain to legalizing it and allowing its spread across his dynasty. It was a time of civil war with neighbouring dynasties all battling to rise to the top and the emperor needed funding to construct the Great Wall of China to stand a chance of winning, and as such, he taxed it. Nowadays Keno online is of different dynamics,

  • The winning number is random
  • Players wager on 20 numbers
  • There are 80 possible picks

About Live Keno

Keno has evolved over the years just as casinos have, transitioning from a physical game to an online one. There is a variant of offers to join and play, mostly with a host of incentives such as Welcome promotions. The sad reality is that when it comes to this game, almost every Keno bonus is wanting. Video slots and other table games such as Poker have taken the lion’s share of the lucrative casino promotions. On the positive, it has become faster to play Keno with the winning sequence determined by the casino’s RNG (Random Number Generator), all in a matter of minutes.

How To Play Online Keno?

Unlike other table games where the live version features a dealer, online Live Keno is different. The physical version in land-based casinos must have a dealer, who is usually stationed in front of everybody while picking out the numbers, an arrangement that promotes transparency. However, it is cumbersome because the program takes hours. Players queue at the cashier’s desk to buy tickets while placing wagers. The numbers on the ticket have different odds, depending on the casino. The dealer can only start the draw after the cashier’s desk is closed unlike in the online version where the draw happens as soon as the wager is placed, taking a few minutes.

Advantages of Keno

The biggest advantage of Keno is the fact that playing it online is not as time-consuming as doing so in a land-based casino. Add this to the fact that indulging in the game via a mobile or tablet allows you to do so while on the move, and you have a new pass time activity with the potential to earn you quite an amount of money. While using a mobile app, the number table is on-screen making it easy to pick, while a countdown timer indicates how much time you have to finish, before the winning sequence is revealed. Since all this takes place over the internet, you might as well check for any updated online Keno strategy which might change your fortunes.

Online Casinos That Provide Keno

Canvassing the internet can lead you to stumble upon apps that allow players to play and practice the game without incurring any cost. They are few and apart, showing just how much this game is out of focus for most gamers because only a few casinos emphasize its presence and list promotions that allow most to participate. These apps do not promote gambling but rather, they are structured in such a way, it is more of a puzzle for fun, that even children can participate in and enjoy. Some of the casinos that have created a place among the Keno faithful include; 32Redd, Omni, and Unibet casinos. They have amazing Welcome packages for interested players.

How To Win On Keno?

Winning in Keno is not so much a tale of skill as it is of luck. To register a win, at least a pair from your pick should match with the initial selection of the casino. Statistically, mathematical analysis aims at increasing the probability of scoring a win. The fact that there is no particular formula for guaranteeing the right number sequence, makes it an interesting game that anybody can play, and is part of the reason people tend to classify it as a lottery. We discuss the tips for Keno below, so keep on reading and learn how to improve your gameplay.

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Strategy and Tips

One of the tips for playing Keno like a pro is studying the picks to try and observe whether there is a pattern. After three draws, an iGamer is then supposed to proceed and make a pick with numbers either close to, or part of the ones in the previous three draws without focusing on the Keno odds. Focusing on the odds distracts players from making realistic picks, especially of numbers that often appear in almost every sequence in the draws. Another tip is to pick fewer numbers, thus increasing the player probability as opposed to the casinos.

Keno Developers

The most common Keno apps are privately developed and are categorized as games due to lack of a gaming license to monetize the gameplay. Only a few of the apps on the web are affiliated to casinos giving minimal options to players in finding the highest payout Keno casino. The Keno Keno is a privately owned and developed app available on the Apple Store. Android players can download the Keno Keno Classic by the same developer, listed as Robert Suh.

Should I Play Keno?

You should definitely involve yourself in this game especially because the Keno rules are few and apart. If anything, the rules are generally the gameplay format with no particular Keno skill set required. First things first, a player need to buy a ticket, then pick a number sequence of 20 or fewer numbers and place a wager. After all that is done, you then wait for the draw and if more than a pair of numbers match, you win a fraction of the total. What could be less complicated than this?

Casinos With Exciting Keno Bonuses

As much as most casinos focus on video slots and table games, it is not difficult to find a top Keno casino online. The obvious reason is that they are few, but all the available casinos are dedicated to giving any player a different user experience. The following casinos offer Keno sign-up bonuses which players can wager, win, and make withdrawals upon satisfying the terms and conditions attached to the offer. They include; Mr Green, Winzino, Platinum play casinos, and GamingClub. These casinos also have a reliable customer support which is ready to answer any and every query relating to the Keno game. So if you experience any hiccups while claiming your bonus, do not hesitate to inquire.