Monday Champions – Ikibu Is Here To Make Our Mondays Better

The island of Ikibu is a magical place with many hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered from the brave Ikkis who decide to inhabit this remote destination. But life on the island is not an easy task. You often need to travel from one village to another in order to earn seeds for the dry periods. The further you advance through the villages the more seeds you harvest. You can later use the seeds to your advantage and buy some of the sites best casino bonuses in the Ikibu Bonus Shop. But getting from one village to the other is not an easy task. The road is long and treacherous and the progress bar fills up as you play the slots on the island. This is why every Monday Ikibu gives you a chance to start the week with a bang and collect extra seeds on top of your everyday rewards. This again proves that they are one of the best casinos out there.
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Ikibu promotion


Promotion terms

Every registered player can take part in the Monday Champions promotion at Ikibu casino. All you need to do is make a deposit and play any of the slot games available at the casino. Everything is just as normal except for the fact that you’ll get extra seeds on each level up at the island. Play as much as you can to easily move from one village to the next and earn those much needed extra seeds.


The prizes from the Monday Champions promo vary for your Ikibu level. The new residents of the island will receive smaller seed prizes, while the natives will be heftily rewarded for their transitions from village to village. If you make the level from any village from levels 1 to 10 you will earn 500 extra seeds. Every level up from villages 11 to 20 will bring you extra 1.000 seeds, while all players who level up from villages 21 to 50 will earn extra 2.000 seeds. Like we mentioned earlier the natives will receive the biggest prize which is 3.000 extra seeds for all level ups from villages higher than 50. This is why it pays to be a native Ikki at Ikibu casino. The bigger your loyalty, the bigger the prizes. Ikibu casino takes good care of their most loyal and most frequent players. All seeds won from the Monday Champions promotion will be automatically credited to the players account on each qualifying level up.

Become an Ikki Champion

The Monday Champion promotion is a great way to boost your loyalty level and earn extra seeds in return. If you’re a native at Ikibu you already know what the extra seeds can be used for. For newbie Ikkis here is a quick break down. You can use the seeds which you collect from leveling up in the bonus shop. The collected seeds will never expire so you can store them each week and earn more seeds every Monday when this promo is active. Once you have a lot of seeds in the bank you can harvest big bonus rewards in the bonus shop and play for free. All of this just for being a loyal player at Ikibu casino.
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