Over the years some of the rules attached to Sic Bo have been altered, giving rise to different ways of playing the game. As often witnessed in mainstream sports, it gives rise to a parallel version of the game. The same has been witnessed in Sic Bo over the centuries, where we now have two main versions. While playing Sic Bo online, you may have/will come across Chuck-a-Luck and Grand Hazard, both of which are derived from the original format. The Grand Hazard variant has an English origin and utilizes two dice instead of three, while Chuck-a-Luck is an American variant with a pivoting bird cage used to house the three dice. All a dealer has to do is to tilt the pivot to drop the dice.

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History Of Sic-Bo

Sic Bo is said to have originated from ancient China many centuries ago, and its original name was Tai Sai which in the local dialect means Small or Big. A synonym in the same dialect is Dai Su, and in the present day, because of the strict gambling laws in the republic, the only place where this game is available is in Macau, the only location where gaming has been legalized in China. Contrary to its home, many iGamers indulge and as such, there is, a soaring popularity, demand, and also competitive odds in each and every Sic Bo casino online. In these casinos, you can opt for either a trial game or a real money wager, Live version.

  • Sic Bo was originally called Tai Sai
  • Sic Bo is played with three dice
  • Grand Hazard and Chuck-a-Luck are two versions of Sic Bo

About Live Sic-Bo

It is possible to participate in Live Sic Bo online via mobile. In this online version, there is a dealer available seated in front of a video camera which streams his/her every move in real time. As a player, you are able to see the dealer in person and their surrounding and even hear the sounds, such as the chips clattering, or the dice shaking. The video camera is placed strategically, such that it captures the entire play table and the dice in a transparent glass cage to prevent any fraud. Signing up to most casinos with the Live casino version qualifies you to the Sic Bo bonus.

How To Play Online Sic-Bo

Playing Sic Bo is easy depending on whichever of the three modes available you prefer. There is the online trial version, the Sic Bo online, and Live Sic Bo. Like the Keno and Bingo games there is no definite formula that guarantees a win. However, players can employ strategies coined out of Mathematical theories of logic, probability, and statistics. In fact, they are more of tips than strategies, such as sticking to the defensive and placing small bets. Big bets are regarded as ranging from between eleven to seventeen while small bets are considered to be anywhere between the range of four and ten.

Advantages Of Sic-Bo

A major advantage of both the mobile and desktop versions of Sic Bo is that the gameplay is fast, especially when it is just online Sic Bo, where the dice outcome is determined by the casino software. It saves on the time it takes to wager, and for the dealer to roll and confirm that the outcome matches the bet. In some casinos, downloading an official app qualifies for either a Sic Bo bonus or incentive such as loyalty points, especially if you are a newly registered player. Alternatively, playing the trial version makes a good platform to test the online Sic Bo strategy and see just how effective it is at slashing the house’s odds.

Online Casinos That Provide Sic-Bo

There are quite a number of casinos that provide this game and offer good sign-up bonuses to newly registered players. Casinos such as LeoVegas, SpinPalace, Mr Green, GamingClub, and Platinum Play casinos allow players to play using bonuses earned after a first deposit is made. They also have their own mobile apps which enhance the user experience particularly when participating in Live Sic Bo, which requires both a video and sound feed for the visual and chat features of the game. These apps are available either on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store for the Android and iOS platforms respectively. Apart from mobile devices, these apps are also compatible with tablets and the iPad.

How To Win On Sic-Bo?

As earlier mentioned, the gaming experts’ advice is more of tips for Sic Bo rather than strategies. The major aim of these tips is to disregard the common mentality that the house always wins and give you as a player, a remarkable percentage of the probability odds. A realistic bet in Sic Bo inclines more on defence as opposed to offence. Small bets such as singles are advised, although they pay out small amounts, they not only keep you in the game longer, but they also ensure you do not lose money quickly.

Strategy And Tips

Sic Bo odds favour the house immensely, and it is often thrilling when players reduce them. There are three dice, each with six probabilities, and a player can make either a single, double, or a triple bet. In a single bet, the prediction is on one digit that might appear on at least one of the dice, while in a double, it is that it will appear on two of the dice. If it is a triple, it is that the number will be on all three dice and therefore, the best option is a single bet.

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Sic-Bo Developers

Majority of the highest payout Sic Bo apps are casino affiliated, all of which allow players to participate via their mobile handsets. They are better than freelance Sic Bo games where you can’t bet because the developers lack a gaming license. Some of the sites where you can find a link to an app for your device have high win rates coupled with enticing bonuses for new players. Plus, the gameplay presentation is superb, as they are optimized to fit on small screens.

Should I Play Sic-Bo?

You should play this game at every opportunity especially since it has an easy format to master. Playing the trial version allows you to familiarize yourself with the Sic Bo rules. All you need is to find a site and make a deposit, which may qualify you for a hefty bonus, select a number, and wait to see the outcome after a dice roll. It is a simple game which even 14-year-old children can wrap their head around, and it was once considered a carnival game rather than a casino game, until recently.

The Top Sic-Bo Casino

The top Sic Bo casino must be the JackpotCity online casino, which has received rave reviews, both for its game roster, and the bonus amount on offer. With a win rate of around 97.61%, it is easy to see why players would rush to make a deposit and claim the bonus that totals up to £1,600. It can be used on the Live dealer option, which is a popular game mode when it comes to real money wagering mostly because, when it pays out, the amounts are often very high. Landing a win after a triple bet pays out a 180:1 ratio. Now imagine wagering a bonus of £1,600 and see just how much you stand to make.