Slingo launched in 1995 and grew to become, Slingo Online and later Slingo casino. The game which combined Slot machines and the popular game of Bingo won the hearts of many within days of its launch. The game’s play area looked like a Bingo card which was filled with numbers. The player then had to click ‘Spin’ as they would a slot machine, and just like a reel on a slot machine. When it stopped, you would match the numbers showing on the card above. The three graphical icons would also tumble through the reel. In Slingo, a Joker served as the Wild card. It would cut your score in two halves, but the Cherub served to cancel this punishment. Every line you filled, you earned a “Slingo”! and a large bucket of points to go with it.

slingo bingo online casino

History Of Slingo

Slingo casino online was launched in the year 2015 by Bear Group Ltd, which is a subsidiary company of Gaming Realms PLC. The name of the casino is based on a popular online game launched by the mother company in 1995. The game implied a mix of slots and Bingo, a perfect one that resulted in success for Gaming Realms PLC. With competition from other casinos and developers, the company decided to launch its own casino. The casino was a newbie in the online casino scene, but in several years, it built itself an excellent reputation. The casino offers some of the fastest payment systems and allows instant withdrawals by various methods.

  • Launched in 2015 by Bear Group Ltd
  • Was named after a popular game of 1995 – Slingo
  • Offers a wide choice of payment method

About Live Slingo

To get the Slingo bonus, you need to spin the wheel and then discover the prize it lands on, and you will be a winner every time. You will receive six initial spins, and this number is exclusive of any Free Spins you may win. When you have completed a line (Slingo) or either vertically, horizontally, or even diagonally on the board, you win the prize amounts. Additionally, You can claim one part of the welcome bonus without having to spend even a single penny. All you have to do is add your debit or credit card to claim the prize.

How To Play Online Slingo

Playing online live Slingo is easy. A player usually as 20 turns to ‘spin’ the numbers that are on his or her bingo card and if 5 of the numbers that appear are found on the bingo card, they are then marked off. During the game, Jokers are wilds and can be used to mark off any of the numbers in the column that they are found on. Jokers found in the centre become Super Jokers and can be placed anywhere on the board. There are other special items like the coins which will grant free spins. The winner is usually the one with the most points.

Advantages Of Slingo

The best online Slingo strategy a player can use depends on which version of the game you are playing. Some of these strategies have been tested and proven viable. The first one is using multipliers since they temporarily increase the number of points earned. For instance, if you get a 3x multiplier your score will be increased threefold. The trick is to save these multipliers until the end of the game when more slingos appear. Use the bounce slingos to build a larger score then apply the multipliers to gain more points. Experimenting with powerups is also another neat trick. The other trick and perhaps the most basic of all is carefully planning your game.


Online Casinos That Provide Slingo

There are many online Slingo Casinos where you can play this and many more games. The top three are Jackpot city at position one giving players a bonus of 100% up to £1600. In position two, there is Dunder which offers a bonus of 200% 00. Spin Palace is at third place and gives you a 100% bonus up to £1000. Casumo Casino has a 100% bonus of up to £600. Thrills Casino offers players a 100% bonus of up to £400. Casino room is another casino with this game and gives players a 100% bonus of up to £600 as well. In these casinos, you will find many other games as well.

How To Win On Slingo?

The tips for Slingo are straight forward. You get 11 spins on a 5×5 grid, and here you receive 11 spins to look for Slingos. All of these spins produce five symbols or numbers on your screen on the bottom. Your goal, therefore, is to match up the numbers with the ones that appear on the grid. As you proceed, the more the numbers that are marked off on the grid automatically, the higher your score in the indicator. You are about to get a Slingo. You will get a Slingo when you receive five squares that are marked off vertically, diagonally, or even horizontally.

Strategy And Tips

Slingo odds are different for different games, and are not pre-documented or stipulated by the casino. However, you can rest assured that you will find all the latest slots that people are talking about. However, it is essential that you know a few details. Slingo has a minimum withdrawal, of £20. The processing time for your withdrawal is between 3 to 5 working days. The wagering requirement int he casino is 60x the bonus on slots, 60x the bonus on Slingo and 8x the bonus on boom. Just like the odds, the wagering requirement differs depending on the selected game.

Slingo Developers

The Highest payout Slingo game is Jacks or Better by NetEnt, which has a payout rate of 99.56%. It is followed closely by other games whose return is close to that one. All American game, in particular, has a similar payout which is at 98.11 %, another product of NetEnt. The casino developers, Gaming Realms have continued to make their name as they compete and very well so, in the world of online casinos. Their Casino has proven to be a major success especially with Players from Europe. Slingo offers you a selection of the finest Microgaming and NetEnt titles.

Should I Play Slingo?

Slingo rules are quite straightforward, and the return to player is quite high as well. So, by all means, play Slingo and enjoy the advantages mentioned above. You have gained all the tips and tricks, and how to win and play. Whats more, Slingo is quite straightforward and uncomplicated. Why would you not want to combine the fun in Slots with the fun in Bingo? The two have come together to give you a fine experience even on your mobile device when you are on the go.


While other casinos are looking to have Slingo as part of their portfolio, the top Slingo Casino is Slingo. With multiple benefits attached to Slingo Online, This should encourage you to participate in this fun with friends or by yourself, seeing as, despite competition from other developers, the online casino has continued to develop a strong portfolio and competitiveness. Slingo casino continues to entertain and earn a place in the very competitive online casino industry. The rates and the bonuses have provided an excellent benchmark for other casinos to borrow from, and with this, Slingo online casino is at the forefront when it comes to this marvellous game. Try it some time!